De_Clan05 is my YouTube Channel!!!

This is my FIRST webpage so please don't hate on me, i just started learning this stuff. Go to my YouTube Channel HERE

In my YouTube Channel I have videos about Gaming, I make iMovies on my mac for my videos and that's about it for now. When i do upload new styles of videos it will go up on my website (this website). If you're curious I live in Australia (Aussie Aussie Aussie) but everyone's different so you might live anywhere (EVEN ANOTHER PLANET!!!).

This is awesome news!!! I like to do YouTube :D

Hey guys, feel free to sign up to Neocities and then follow me. Now that would be greatly appreciated.

Guys, you know my blog? I'm not really focused on it but it's still my blog so if you want to see some more about my channel go to